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Sunday, March 26, 2006

What is perfection?

I spent some time this weekend on one of my favorite WLS message boards. A few of us on the board complimented the site administrator and others for setting such good examples for the rest of us.

The administrator was quick to post that she is far from perfect. She mentioned that she occasionally indulges in a bite or three of some of her old favorite foods that aren't WLS-friendly, such as pizza. Her strategy is to take a bite (or two or three) of the food as it's presented before picking it apart. So, she'll nibble a little of the pizza as is, and then just eat the toppings before trashing the crust.

This works for her, because eating just a bit of the food as is keeps her from feeling deprived.
To me, this sounds like perfection for a WLS patient. Why? Because if I try that same method, I end up eating the topping and then nibbling on the crust. And if I'm not careful, I'd eat the whole slice before realizing it.

I'm just not the three-bite type. Fear enables this trick to work for me when trying cheesecake or chocolate mousse. But for whatever reason, pizza is a weakness -- and three bites is never enough. And that's why this woman is perfect in my book.

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I like your new photo!