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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've Said it Before ...

... But the following bear repeating:
  • I love AchievOne Cappuccino RTD protein supps.
  • Using RTD protein supps (like Micellar Milk) as creamer in your coffee is a great way to get your protein and caffeine boost in one convenient dose.
  • Sugar-free syrups and flavorings are a great, low-cal way to add variety to your protein shakes and beverages. They also help you get through a huge tub of protein powder without wanting to yak from boredom.
    • Some of my faves: Add peppermint syrup to a chocolate protein supp with a little coffee for your own peppermint protein mocha; add caramel and hazelnut syrups to a vanilla shake for a little decadence; fruit-flavored syrups are great additions to vanilla shakes in the summertime.
  • You can use Micellar Milk in lieu of fluid milk in recipes. Just be sure to adjust the amount of sweetener added. I love using vanilla MM in custard recipes.
  • You are worth every dime you spend on protein supps, vitamins, gym memberships, personal training, etc. Remember, these are not luxuries; they are investments in your health.


Donna said...

Okay, finally tried protein powder (found an awesom cinnamon vanilla) as creamer for my coffee.

Wow! Just, Wow!

Thanks for the awesome tip.

Tonya said...

Which brand? Ya gotta give us details! :-D