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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I'm not sure I'll ever stop being amazed at how much more I enjoy holidays now that I'm no longer a slave to food.

Today was such a great day. Woke up early, had some chicken and veggies for breakfast, a couple of homemade mochas and gallons of iced tea. Lunch was turkey, a bit of ham, cranberry sauce, some potato and corn. Dinner will likely just be turkey, cranberry and veggies. Oh, I did splurge on a slice of cherry pie, but just a slice -- not the whole pie, nor a slice of every pie and cake available.

We watched a movie, we hung out, we relaxed. It was amazing. No uncomfortable over-stuffed feeling, no wanting to puke, no food coma. Who would have thought a holiday could be so pleasant?


azdbelle said...

no big meal for us this year. we all got sick so i made chicken noodle soup in the crockpot for christmas eve. cristmas day i cooked a turkey breast in the crockpot and whipped up some potatoes and some yams. that was it.

Kim said...

I found your blog through another blog friend - I can't wait to say that I'm no longer a slave to food. My surgery was only 6 weeks ago though. I was happy to be pleasantly full for Christmas and not sick or over-full.

Tonya said...

AZDBelle--Sorry to hear the fam was sick this year. I caught a cold on the 26th; no fun at all.

Kim--Isn't it an amazing feeling? And the best of it is to know that by next Christmas, you'll be at a healthy about the gift that keeps on giving.