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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Human Pin Cushion Speaks Again

My latest set of lab results just came in, and the news is mostly good.

After three rounds of iron therapy with Repliva, my hemoglobin has risen to 10.2 -- a small increase, but we're taking it as a good sign and continuing my current dosage of 150mg.

My B-12 levels are on the low side of normal at 232 with normal being considered any amount over 200. Doc isn't worried yet.

Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is elevated to 87 instead of being below 65, which -- combined with normal calcium levels -- indicates hyperparathyroidism. Don't you just love big words? Long story short, I'm not absorbing the calcium I'm taking in. I'm switching to UpCal D, which is a powdered form of calcium that mixes easily in liquid. I have a few friends who credit it with rapidly decreasing their PTH levels. I found it online for about $20 for a 16-oz canister. If you know of a cheaper source, e-mail me.

With my body having a difficult time still recovering from last year's bowel obstruction, my doctor has recommended keeping close tabs on my labs this year. We'll retest iron, B-12 and PTH in two months to see if my modifications have improved matters at all.

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