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Sunday, January 10, 2010

38-Week Update

It’s official, I am almost 10 months pregnant. It’s not until you’re pregnant that you realize it’s not a nine-month experience. I’m surprised more people don’t do the math and realize that 40 weeks equals 10 months. Then again, it’s not uncommon to deliver a baby between 36 weeks and 41 weeks so everyone’s journey really is relative.

For me, it’s been a fast few months. Even planning our wedding didn’t go this quickly in my mind.

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, I was at risk of pre-term labor and had to make some major adjustments in that arena. Now it appears, it’s all smooth sailing. My belly has grown. The baby has grown. And I have learned the art of taking it easy, which I would have previously told you was impossible.

As of our latest ultrasound, the baby is over 6 lbs and appears to be in position to make his/her debut. We have gotten some fun photos, thanks to a very patient ultrasound technician. Baby Kubo has never felt photogenic and has made most techs go insane as they attempt in vain to capture cutesy keepsake photos. My favorite photo from our last appointment is that of the baby's foot, which at 3 inches long, looks a lot like Brian's.

I’m not in a rush to end my pregnancy. I really enjoy being pregnant and having this little person moving and growing inside of me. At the same time, I look forward to meeting him or her, learning the baby’s personality and seeing how Brian’s and my genes have meshed. We hope the baby gets the best of both of us instead of the worst, but I imagine he/she will have a little of both. I'm also interested to see how accurate the ultrasounds have been. Does the baby have as much hair as it seems? Are the size estimates true or is that "plus/minus 1 pound" margin of error more true to form?

As I look over the photos I’ve been posting, I’m glad we took the time to document the past few months. It’s hard for me right now to remember life before I had a rotund belly. It’s hard to picture my pre-pregnancy life at all. It feels as if I’ve always been carrying around this little being who has required me to alter my eating and lifestyle habits. I’m going to miss this feeling when it’s gone.

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