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Monday, April 30, 2007

The gains that come from losing

A message board I visit frequently had a thread this morning from a woman who, as a pre-op, compiled a list of 50 things she wanted to accomplish that required weight loss. Six months after having bariatric surgery, she's crossed 27 things off her list. She asked everyone to post similar lists of their gains related to their weight loss.

Here is mine:

* Cross my legs
* Have a child sit on my lap
* Play tag with my niece and nephew
* Play on the floor with my niece and nephew
* Go hiking
* Fit in turnstiles
* Fit on amusement park rides
* Sit comfortably in a chair that has arms
* Fit comfortably in the seats at Cinemark Movies 14
* Walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded
* Wear stylish high heels
* Paint my own toenails
* Weigh less than 200 pounds
* Fit in an airplane seat
* Fit comfortably in a car seat with a seat belt on
* Walk a block without breaking a sweat
* Walk into an elevator without paying attention to the posted weight limit
* Shop in "normal" stores and buy off the rack
* Respect food as a source of energy, not a source of comfort


Andrea said...

I want to go on a river rafting trip without thinking about how my rolls look in my swimsuit. In fact, I want to wear a swimsuit without wondering if someone is going to shout insults at me.

Andrea said...

Oh, and I want to take a pair of pants into a dressing room to try them on and not be embarrassed to step out of the dressing room to show my shopping companion for their opinion without worrying if they're being positive just to spare my feelings or if the pants really fit me.

Tonya said...

Excellent goals...thanks for sharing!