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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Things that make me go "hmm ..."

Took a quick trip to Kohl's today to check out the clearance ranks. I had fun trying stuff on, especially now that I'm a solid medium/size 8 almost everywhere. At JC Penney two weeks ago, I discovered that I fit 8 petites to a T.

I was excited today to see the awesome selection Kohl's had in its petite clearance section. Found a beautiful kimono-style blouse for $4 that I thought would be perfect for ASBS in San Diego. I took the medium into the dressing room, unzipped it and slipped it on. Looked great except for one teensy-weensy problem: I couldn't get it zipped up past my rib cage. Hmm ... OK, Plan B kicked in and I went in search of a large. I found one in a different color that I liked just the same as the first. Took that one in the dressing room, held my breath and tried it on. Again, no luck. No matter how much sucking in I did, I couldn't get the zipper past my ribs.

Before I had gastric bypass, this occurrence would have broken my heart. It would have ruined my day and I would have gone home mopey. But today, I just laughed. All I could think was, "Well, ribs are bones ... can't suck those in no matter what." My feelings weren't hurt; I didn't have any feeling of failure. I just figured that explained why such a cute blouse made it to the clearance rack in the first place.

And now, as I get ready for bed, I think of how far I've come in the last two years.


Andrea said...

"Can't suck the bones in any further."

So true. Some things are just not meant for anyone with shape. I think there should be a stick-people department so the rest of us don't have to weed through that stuff.

Of course with the word "clearance" all bets are off.

Danyele said...

I'm finding that the Kohl's sales and clearance racks are my new friends. I got the *cutest* dress there on Sunday - it's a '40s style with a V neckline and a swirly black and white pattern - love it! And - it was so affordable!

Tonya said...

I agree. What I love about Kohl's is that their clearance prices are so awesome, and the quality is decent as well. It's perfect for those who are still in the weight-loss phase.