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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dinner at Henry's

SAN DIEGO -- We ate dinner tonight at Henry's, an Irish Pub near the intersection of Market and Fifth. Though Henry's definitely has a pub atmosphere, the food choices were superb. No bangers and mash on the menu at this place.

Eating among post-ops is such a refreshing change from what I'm used to. Five of us are post-ops -- from two to six years out from surgery -- and discussing what to have for dinner is a fun experience in itself. No mention of pizza or fried foods.

The biggest decision we had was whether to order our own entrees or share. We all decided that we hadn't eaten enough during the day so we opted not to share. Us post-ops were copy cats; we each ordered the salmon with dill cream sauce and a double portion of veggies instead of mashed potatoes. Being the "youngest" post-op in terms of when I had my surgery, I ate the smallest amount but I held my own with the veterans.

What I loved most was watching each of them following the rules even at their stage: No drinking with meals, protein first, eating slowly and chewing each bite thoroughly. We had incredible conversation on topics ranging from WLS issues to work topics to just life in general. It was like a night out with my best girlfriends, except that these girlfriends eat the same way as me.

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