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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Product Review: Better Balance Protein Cereal

The folks at Kay's Naturals sure do know their stuff when it comes to protein snacks. I was lucky enough during ASBS to sample a variety of their products, but the Better Balance Protein Cereal exceeds expectation. During the conference, I snacked on the Honey Almond and French Vanilla flavors right out of the bag. This morning for breakfast, I enjoyed the Apple Cinnamon variety mixed with my Fage 0% greek-style yogurt.

Though I like all of the varieties, Honey Almond is my favorite. It reminds me a bit of Smart Start, which was a cereal I regularly enjoyed as a pre-op. Apple Cinnamon tastes like Apple Jacks, and French Vanilla has a great vanilla flavor.

The O-shaped cereal comes in 1 oz. packages, providing 9 grams of soy protein in 100 calories with 1.5 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbohydrate (3g dietary fiber; 3g sugar). The cereal is sweetened with inulin.

Hit or Miss? A definite hit. The Kazemzadehs, who own the company, were nice enough to let me try almost all of their products at the convention tradeshow. Awesome product!


Melting Mama said...

Ooh! Yay. I have some of this waiting in an UPS truck to be re-delivered Monday! :D

Donna said...

Love, love, love Fage! :)