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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gringas like to party

SAN DIEGO -- Popping in for a second after helping to set up the booth at the ASBS convention center. I've learned many skills in my short time here. For instance, there is a lot of skill behind the building of a trade show booth, particularly when the shipping company crushes most of your boxes and leaves you to make do with damaged products. You'd never guess we had any trouble by looking at it, though.

Susan Maria Leach's new edition of "Before and After: Living and Eating Well after Weight Loss Surgery" hits bookstore shelves at the end of the month. The new version of the "pink book," as its known by many fans, is now a teal blue paperback that features updated information on the various types of surgeries, meal plans and even more recipes than its predecessor. Presale orders are now being taken at

The best part of hanging out with the crew is that I never go hungry. We were all famished at light-headed while working on the booth, but that wasn't a problem because we had plenty of Revival soy chips, Power Crunch and Oh Yeah! bars and Protein DeLite Protein on the Go (chocolate coconut is soooo tasty!). My blood sugar hasn't been as level as it is today in weeks -- and I've been traveling -- not too bad, if you ask me.


Melting Mama said...

You Said Oh Yeah Bars.

They're in the freezer.

I. Must. Have. One.

Tonya said...

We were just talking about the pleasure of frozen choc-mint Oh Yeah! bars...closest thing to Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies I've found so far.

Melting Mama said...

Indeed. I am in LOVE.