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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Concert in the park

For those in the Tracy area, tonight is the first installment of the weekly Performances in the Park at Lincoln Park. Tonight's performer, Megan Slankard is someone of whom I'm quite fond. Not only was she raised in Vernalis -- the community I called home when I first moved to this area -- but she began coming into her own as a performer when I was entertainment editor for the Tracy Press. And her younger sister, Lauren, was my very first intern.

My husband and I enjoy the weekly summer concert series, and like the local farmers market, it's an event we work hard not to miss. Not only is it a free way to have fun, but it feels good to spend a few hours on a Thursday evening out in the open air. Tonight, we've invited some friend from out of town to join us for a picnic dinner during the show. We hope they enjoy it as much as we do.

Personally, I look forward to comparing tonight's experience with last year's series. Last year was the first time we checked out the concert series, because my weight loss had finally reached a point where I could handle sitting on the ground and getting back up. Some challenges I experienced were my newly emerging tailbone getting sore and numb from sitting on the hard earth and the embarassment of everyone behind me getting a great view of my underwear because my pants were always slipping down. I remember I still got winded walking the four to five blocks from the park to where we had to leave our car. But by the end of the series, Beau no longer had to drop me off at the park before parking the car. I was physically able to walk the few blocks in both directions.

Since the last concert in late July, I have lost about 80 pounds. Last year at this time, I was wearing a size 20. Today, I wear a 10/12. I'm packing a sweatshirt in case the evening air turns chilly, an old comforter to provide a little more padding beneath my rear and a selection of cold appetizers and maybe even a little wine just to add to the experience.

I hope to see you there.

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