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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Practicing what I preach

I've spent the last half-hour in my kitchen trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and pack for lunch and dinner in preparation for a long night at work.

It's been over a week since I went grocery shopping. Though I bought a bunch of food, I didn't plan very well and didn't stock up on convenient, portable meal options for myself. I have lots of cheese, but no cold cuts to use as lower-fat protein sources. No cottage cheese, ricotta cheese or even low-fat cream cheese.

Here I've been blogging about re-evaluating my eating habits and being more diligent and I forgot the most important thing -- making sure my fridge and pantry are stocked with options conducive to staying on my eating plan.

It took some time, but I've found a few cans of tuna, which will be perfect to take to work today. I have a freezer full of chicken that I just need to thaw and cook up. I can cut up chicken breasts to add to a salad or mix up a batch of chicken salad. I also have my protein powder -- I just need to move it from the cupboard to the counter so I don't forget about it.

More now than I ever, I need to be diligent about planning and making sure I eat good-quality meals and not just what sounds easy on the fly. Now excuse me, I have tuna salad to make before I go to work.

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