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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy day at the lake

It was difficult to wake up this morning. Not only were we out late last night and needing to recover from that, but I had muscles I didn't know I had hurting significantly from yesterday's walk.

While everyone spent most of the day at the beach, Beau and I stayed close to the cabin. We lounged in the sun, with the hopes of adding a little color to my pallid complexion.
As the weather turned cool, we headed down to the Beacon Bar & Grill with Beau's cousins to listen to the live band and enjoy a round of rum runners.

The Beacon is known for its rum runners, a frozen concoction of cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and rum with a float of dark rum added for good measure. Rum runners were a weakness of mine in my college days, and I haven't had one since. With all of the juice, the cocktails contain way more sugar than I typically allow myself in a sitting. However, I've been experimenting with the concept of enjoying off-program treats in moderation. I still believe that such behavior is better compartmentalized during vacations and not as an everyday habit.
The rum runner was tasty, and the band, AM/FM, was quite good. And we all enjoyed an hour of grown-up time without children in tow.

We left the bar and headed back to the cabins to start dinner. Tonight's family meal consisted of barbecued steak, steamed green beans, chili, garlic bread, au gratin potatoes and more cantaloupe. What can I say? The cantaloupe was quite tasty. I ate a couple of inches of my medium-rare steak, a dozen green beans (fresh from my 3-year-old niece's garden), and a half-cup of chili. It was a protein-rich dinner that sat very well in my pouch.

Because I had to work tonight, we left shortly after dinner as everyone else was getting ready to celebrate a birthday. Though I dislike cake, I was glad to leave before it was served. The whipped cream frosting looked way too tempting.

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