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Sunday, August 09, 2009

And then we got married

Brian and I were married earlier this spring after a brief engagement. Something my health issues have taught me is that life is precious and time waits for no one. And something that Brian has taught me is that when something feels right, there is no reason to put off what is inevitable.

Our wedding was everything I have ever dreamed of -- it was original, fun and true to our personalities. We had a rockabilly-inspired ceremony and reception in my hometown. Aside from committing myself to Brian forevermore, my favorite part of the event was that we were able to support so many small business owners by hiring them to help out with the festivities.

Texas Roadhouse of Tracy catered the event, providing a sumptuous dinner of grilled chicken breast, broiled salmon, mashers and Caesar salad. Christy LoBao of Atwater made our polka-dot wedding cake and Portuguese pastries. Phaedra Rhodes of For Always Photography in Turlock photographed the event. Amber Tucker of Modesto led the style team to make sure our hair and makeup evoked the classic 1940s/50s era. Debby Carper of Denair made the bridal attire, including my oh-so-fun party dress. Lester Knox made Brian's titanium wedding band. Our flowers were provided by the Pitman High School OH Department, which enabled high school agriculture students to get valuable work experience while earning money to support FFA programs in Turlock. Pastor Shawn Marshall of Family Life Center in Stockton officiated the ceremony. Ann Jayne of Tracy designed our tablescapes and served as wedding coordinator.

We had fun, our guests and had fun, and Phae's incredible talent for photography ensured we have every minute documented forever.