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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Showered with shoes and purses galore

The best part of getting married the second time around is that you don't have to feel beholden to tradition or societal expectation. That means that wedding planning turned out to be a lot of fun for me.

My bridesmaids decided to host a shoes-and-purses shower on my behalf. It was a complete surprise to me -- and one I really enjoyed. I'm the type of girl who loves to accessorize but enjoy shopping for accessories so I end up with just a handful of staples. Now, thanks to the lovely women in my life, I have a whole collection of shoes and purses to go with just about every possible outfit.

Aside from shoes and purses, though, my maid of honor, Amber, made sure I had plenty of pouch-friendly tidbits to nosh on. Amber made a green salad, chicken salad, quiche and appetizers. She also made a decadent chocolate cake and ordered custom cupcakes for the occasion. A nibble of each was more than enough to satisfy my curiosity. In case you're wondering, those decorative shoes and purses on the cupcakes are edible but not yummy. Better left as decoration.