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Thursday, August 06, 2009

What happens to cravings after WLS?

A reader recently posted a comment about her insatiable craving for chocolate and her hope to be delivered of it after WLS. Without knowing which procedure she's having, I can't do anything more than guess. Then again, so much of life after WLS is guesswork. We never know exactly how our bodies will adjust to surgery, do we?

Assuming this reader has some type of bypass or even Lap-Band, I can say that just the trauma of surgery will alter taste buds long enough to eliminate cravings for some time. But cravings eventually return, though not always how we'd expect them.

Though I still crave ice cream, it makes me too sick for me to be tempted to give in that often. Usually a bite or two is plenty. I still have a sweet tooth, but I find foods often to be "too sweet," even if artificially sweet. A half-packet of Splenda is usually plenty to sweeten anything I might want to try. Gone are the days when I would need four or five packets in my coffee or tea.

I still enjoy chocolate from time to time, but I prefer darker varieties and favor bitter flavors.

That's just my experience. I'm sure others have different tales to tell.

The one thing I can say is that worrying about it now won't help or change anything. Your body will do whatever it is it wants to do. All we can do as patients is obey our tool as best as we can.