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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Apology and Update

This blog has gone neglected for some time – long enough to be kicked out of its Web rings and probably long enough to fall off the radar of most readers.

For that, I apologize.

It’s hard to take the time to write about life when you’re so busy living it. And I have been living it up this past year. Rather than recap in brief bullets what’s kept me so busy over the last year or so, I’d rather just take a little time to post on the major events.

We’ll call this one the “I’m sorry” post. It’s where I publicly apologize to all of the people who have felt neglected by my blogging absence, but consider that absence a nice, clean break that hints at something new on the horizon.

I’ve grown weary of looking back, of living in the past, and of being looked at as nothing more than this woman who writes about gastric-bypass. Believe it or not, there is move to me than how much I have weighed, do weigh or will weigh. I think it’s important to remember from where you’ve come so you can avoid the pitfalls that might lead you there again, but dwelling on the past is an exercise in futility. And I hate futile efforts.

So, look forward to a new angle on this blog from here on out. There will be lots of familiar aspects to it. I’m still going to post recipes, I’m still going to talk about what I love and don’t, and I’m still going to talk about issues related to obesity and surgical correction. But I am also going to celebrate. I want to celebrate what’s new, what’s different and choose to live life on the sunny side for awhile.