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Thursday, August 06, 2009

She did what?! Yes, I'm a Mary Kay director!

The catalyst for all the changes I've encountered in the last year was my decision in June 2007 to join Mary Kay. Surprised? Not nearly as much as I was when I signed my consultant agreement.

I did not go to college to peddle lipsticks, but facts were facts. I needed extra money and I didn't have a whole lot of extra time to earn it. So, I followed the advice of a good friend a took a chance that something I would have never considered might just be the opportunity of a lifetime. Turns out that my friend is pretty good in the advice department. I spent most of 2007 enjoying the extra money my Mary Kay business brought in, which allowed me to re-evaluate my priorities at the time.

But the big change came in Summer 2008. That's when I decided that I wanted more out of my Mary Kay business, and I was ready to do the work necessary to get more. So I began the process of qualifying for the position, debuting as the newest director in the Future Munguia National Area in October 2008 -- and I even earned the free use of a brand-new Pontiac Vibe along the way.

I haven't looked back since, as I enjoy working full-time at my day job and building my Mary Kay business in about 15 hours a week. It's a fun way to make money, and it's a career I can feel passionate and optimistic about building.

Along the way from consultant to director, I learned a lot about priorities and what truly motivates me. I have learned that short-term sacrifices pave the way for long-term rewards and that I deserve to seek out the things in life that bring me joy and personal fulfillment. It wasn't an easy road for me to travel. I had to give up a lot of resentment and negativity that was holding me back, but in the end, that freed me for the good things to come.