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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The sound of a beating heart

I had my four-month OB visit on Friday, and I was very excited to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It's an incredible sound that really brings home the reality of having a little person quickly growing inside of me.

My ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and I'm looking forward to another view inside my womb. It's been six weeks since the last one, and I can't wait to see the changes that have happened in that time.

My doctor and I had a great talk about hypoglycemia and pregnancy. I was comforted to know that my hypoglycemic episodes will have no effect on the baby. It's just a matter of trying to ensure there is enough glucose to support me so I'm not always fighting the symptoms of low periods. I have had a handful of moments where my sugar falls between 40 and 60, but I've been better about staying around 80 for the most part.

We redid my labs on Friday to see how my vitamin levels are doing. The results should be in this week, though I may not discuss them with the doctor until my visit in September.