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Friday, August 11, 2006

Dining among peers

We just got back from dinner. There are about 10 people at tonight’s session, which makes for a close, intimate experience. I’ve gotten the chance to truly get to know each woman here. Two women have come from out of state for the conference – one from as far as Minnesota. The rest are from up and down the state.Our introductory session was just that, an introduction to the weekend’s activities. We’ve had numerous opportunities to ask whatever we want and get in-depth answers from Dr. Monica Ganz, director of events and support groups for ObesityHelp.The best thing, though, for me has been the experience of eating with other bariatric post-ops. In my daily life, I tend to eat with non-ops and can forget myself when eating. Sitting around a dinner table with post-ops was amazing, because we had a lot of similar habits. Many of us ordered soup for dinner. There were lots of offers to share food. And everyone ate at a similar speed. I didn’t have to worry about being the slow poke who held everyone up or having anybody comment on how much I ate (or didn’t, for that matter).

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