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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Product Review: Tropical Oasis Liquid B-Complex

Tropical Oasis Liquid B-Complex Supplement-$23 for about 32 ounces

I was excited to try this vitamin b-complex supplement. I use Tropical Oasis' liquid calcium supplement, and I love it. It's tasty and provides a large amount of calcium in a small dose.
I wish I had similar praise for the B-Complex supplement. Unfortunately, the liquid vitamin B supplement is icky. It contains all B vitamins, so I hold each dose under my tongue for a minute to allow my body to absorb the B-12 before swallowing it. That may be why I think it tastes so terrible. Most liquid vitamins are only in your mouth for a moment, but when you're letting a dose sit in your mouth for a minute, the nasty flavors are more noticeable.

In talking with some fellow post-ops, I've discovered that all liquid B-complex supplements are gross. The consensus among my friends is that one of the B vitamins (everyone's assumption was that it's B1, or thiamine.) has a disgusting flavor that cannot be masked.

Most gastric-bypass patients don't need a B-complex supplement. Those who are diligent will get all needed vitamins and minerals by taking a specialized multivitamin, about 2,000 mg of calcium, iron and a weekly B-12 supplement (monthly if injected). However, there are increasing numbers of post-ops who have become deficient in thiamine. And supplements such as this one are an unfortunate necessity for those people.

The smartest thing any post-op can do is take all required vitamins daily to avoid ever getting deficient so yucky supplemetns are a requirement.

Hit or Miss? Miss this one, unless you truly are deficient in one of the B vitamins.

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