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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Product Review: Water Sensations Liqui-Packs

Water Sensations Clear Liquid Flavor Enhancer for Water
• About $4 for a box of 16 Liqui-Packs
• Comes in the following flavors: Mixed Berry, Natural Peach, Natural Kiwi-Strawberry, Natural Grape, Natural Lemon and Natural Orange

Each Liqui-Pack is meant to flavor a standard 16.9-oz. bottle of water. The flavoring packets have no calories and are sweetened with Splenda. In fact, the ingredient list is pretty minimal: filtered water, natural flavor, citric acid, ptassium citrate and sucralose (the official name for Splenda). The idea behind the enhancers is that you can take them with you to use anywhere. Instead of hunting down a vending machine with Propel or Fruit2O, you can just order a glass of water or buy a bottle somewhere and flavor it yourself.

I've tried the mixed berry and natural peach Water Sensations, both in about 20 oz. of water, because I'm not one for super-sweet drinks. The natural peach flavor tasted as if I had sliced a peach into my water. I didn't find it overly sweet, and I will admit that I slurped down my 20 oz. of water faster than usual.

I didn't like the mixed berry nearly as much, but I've never been one to enjoy berry-flavored water. I don't know why, but berry seems like an odd flavor for water to me. I actually ended up dumping it out because it was just too weird for my liking.

If you check out the Water Sensations Web site,, you'll find that the flavor packets aren't just for water. There are suggestions for using Water Sensations to flavor iced tea, yogurt, warm beverages and sparkling water. And I'm sure as these little packets gain popularity, the site will offer even more ideas.

Hit or miss? Definitely a hit. I've already bought a box of the peach flavor and look forward to trying the lemon and orange ones as well.

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Sasha said...

So happy you enjoyed Watersensations, because it is back! Check out our website, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter @watersensation! Free samples coming soon. Keep checking the website!