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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Something for almost nothing

I've already blogged about how the small turnout at the OH conference in Visalia was a boon for its attendees, but I didn't realize how much of a perk it was until returning home and unpacking.
As I unpacked all the samples and full-size products I received at the conference, I realized what I walked away with was worth a pretty penny. And I'm not the only one who went home with loads of stuff; just about every other participant did as well.

Here's what I received at the conference -- and each product's estimated sales price -- in giveaway prizes, as part of the registration packet and as snacks throughout the conference weekend:

Nectar Fuzzy Navel protein powder (2lb. canister) — $24.95
Profect Protein Beverage (five 2.7-oz vials)– $15
Tropical Oasis Liquid B-Complex Supplement — $23
PowerCrunch protein bars (4)— $8
AchievOne coffee-flavored protein drinks (4) - $8
Bariatric Advantage Vitamins (three days' worth)-$3
Herbalife Protein Bars (2) — $2.50
Herbalife Roasted Soynuts (1 packet)- 75 cents
Herbalife protein drink1 packet)- $1.50Herbalife protein shake (1 packet)- $2
Herbalife take control (2 days) - $2
Herbalife herbal concentrate (2 packets) — 50 cents
Water Sensations Liqui-Packs (1 box) -$4
Better Balance Pretzel Snacks (1 full serving) -$2

I'm not the queen of math, but by my quick survey, these products have a market value of about $95. This happens to be exactly how much a three-day pass to the conference cost those who registered early. Talk about breaking even. Not only does this help make attending the conference financially worthwhile, it also helps bariatric patients by allowing them sample a variety of products geared toward them without shelling out a wad of cash on an uncertainty.
Keep reading over the next few days as I post reviews of each of these products as I try them. I imagine some will be good, while others will leave much to be desired. But at least I can say I will have tried them.

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